Friday, February 25, 2011

Parenting Class

On the third Thursday of each month I am privileged to co-teach a hands-on Parenting Class along with the San Carlos Tribal Youth Home Counselor.  I have been teaching it for about 7 months now and it has been so cool to see some parents grow from what they are learning and to see them become better parents.

This week was incredible!  There were about 14 parents and 7 children.  We talked about Family Dinner Nights and how important it is to sit down and talk to each other around the dinner table.  This is something we take for granted, but so many parents don't know how to interact and dialog with their children.  This week we had a couple taking notes and asking some great questions.  Tory and I have known their children for several years (see Tory's previous post:, but had never met the parents.  Currently their children are staying at the Youth Home while they get things together.  I was able to have a great conversation with them and encourage them to do their best for their children so they could all be together.

Also, for the first time we were seeing parents really engage their children as we talked to them about listening to their children and supporting their feelings and affirming them.  Some of the parents came in and you could see they were totally overwhelmed and defeated.  I noticed when they left they were lighter in spirit because they had learned another way to bond with their child.

I am so glad I get to be a little part of the puzzle and hopefully they saw the love of Christ through our time together.  I hope and pray that my time with them will open up more opportunities for us to talk at a deeper level next time we meet.

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