Saturday, November 1, 2014

July & August Ministry Update

In July and August we hosted short-term ministry teams from St. Joseph the Worker Church in Portland, OR; Phillipsburg Christian Church in Phillipsburg, MO; and Knott Avenue Christian Church in Anaheim, CA.

The team from St. Joseph the Worker Church was able to finish the storage shed another ministry team started in June. In addition to that outside project, the team also put up an interior wall dividing a larger room into two bedrooms and finished painting the interior of a house of an elderly friend of ours.

The team from Phillipsburg Christian Church was able to help us sort a truck-load of donations we received. We distributed the donated items to several families so they could have a yard sale - providing income for some struggling families and providing reasonably priced items for other families. They also painted the interior of another elderly lady’s house.

The team from Knott Avenue Christian Church came for a long weekend. They painted over the graffiti-filled basketball court in Moonbase. They also hosted a Family Fun Day at the newly painted basketball court.

We have been focusing our children’s ministry time at Moonbase. Our ministry teams help us host a Bible Club in Moonbase. It has really been a blessing to get to know that group of children. Many of the neighborhood kids came over to help with the painting. God is moving in Moonbase.

May & June Update

May and June were exciting months! We completed the home for Robert and Edwina. It was so much fun to walk them through their new home and point out all the features. When we walked into the bedroom Robert looked up, got tears in his eyes, and said, “I’ve never had a house with a ceiling fan before.” We were elated to point out the ceiling fan in the living room as well! Robert looked around their new home and said, “I feel like a millionaire!” We would like to say “Thank You!” to everyone who participated in providing them their home. For pictures of the handing over of the keys, check out 3:18  Ministries’ Facebook page at

In June we hosted a short-term ministry team from Red Bridge Church of Christ in Kansas City,  Missouri. This was the second trip for this church and the fourth trip for the lead pastor.  During the mornings they worked on building a shed for our dear friend Veronica who lost her husband in January. They also painted the interior of Rose’s house. We met Rose thirteen years ago when we first visited the Tribal Youth Home. Rose retired several years ago because of her health. She had asked several Tribal departments for assistance painting, but received no help. We were honored to be able to serve her in this way.

The team also hosted a Bible Club in Moonbase. They shared lessons from the life of Joseph. It was so encouraging to hear the children repeat the previous stories and correctly answer questions. They were engaged in the stories and actively participated. God is moving in a powerful way in the hearts of those children!