Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Christmas Project!

It is that time of the year again to start preparing for our Christmas Project. This year we are focusing on two tasks. Our first project is partnering with San Carlos Tribal Social Services to provide their staff vehicles with car seats. Currently they do not have enough car seats to safely transport children. There is not money in the budget to provide this necessity. We are collecting new and gently used infant car seats and convertible car seats. Car seats expire six years after the date of manufacture. Car seats may be shipped Site To Store through Wal-Mart, shipped directly to us, or gift cards/money can be sent to purchase them.

Our second project is to provide Christmas shoe boxes for the children in Moonbase at our annual Christmas party. If you would like to participate, Christmas shoe boxes would need to arrive by December 11th. They can be shipped to: Satters  1210 E Crestwood Dr.  Globe, AZ  85501

Christmas shoe boxes could include:
Girl 8 & Under: small toy/doll, hair ties/bows, lip gloss chapstick, candy, stickers, small games, jump rope, costume jewelry, small craft kits, crayons, coloring book, Playdough, socks, beanie
Girl 9 & Over: hair ties, hair brush, lotion, lip gloss chapstick, nail polish, candy, stickers, small craft kits, fidget spinner, markers/pens, small games, jewelry, socks, beanie
Boy 8 & Under: small toy/Hot Wheels, candy, stickers, small Nerf ball, finger skateboard, small puzzle, crayons, coloring book, small Duplo set, Slinky, Playdough, socks, beanie
Boy 9 & Over: fidget spinner, small toy, small Lego set, lotion, candy, stickers, small Nerf ball, finger skateboard, markers/pens, yo-yo, Slinky, socks, beanie

Please do not put cash or gift cards in the shoe boxes.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Holding on for dear life

When I started my first full-time ministry I rented a basement from a single guy at the church. He had a Kawasaki Ninja he was always trying to get me to ride on with him. The thought of it scared me a little. One day I came home from my second week of church camp and was relaxing in my tv room. He walked in, said he was tired of excuses and we were going for a ride. He handed me a leather jacket and a helmet.

As we walked out into the driveway he started giving me instructions for riding on the back of the motorcycle. He told me not to try and counterbalance as he leaned into turns. He told me to just keep my head right behind his head so I would not throw off his balance and cause us to crash. My nerves were worse as I climbed onto the back of the bike. We took off through the neighborhood and I started to relax a little. We hit the highway and my prayer life became really active.

I am not sure how much of the initial part of the ride I actually saw because my eyes were closed. At some point we turned onto a cloverleaf exit. As we made the 270 degree turn I tried my best not to counterbalance. I know my eyes were closed and all I could picture in my mind were the motorcycle racers with their knees dragging on the pavement. We survived those tense moments, but I am pretty sure it took a year or two off my life.

On the way home I began to enjoy the ride. I could look to my left and my right and see where we were. I couldn’t look ahead because my roommate was blocking the view. However, when I looked behind us the scenery to my sides all made sense. That moment has stuck with me the last eighteen years. In this thing called life we cannot see what is ahead. We can look to the left and right and see where we are. And when we look back it all makes sense. I am so thankful God is faithful and steering this journey. I just have to hold on for the ride of my life!


Ministry Update

In March of this year we hosted a short-term ministry team from Campus Christian Fellowship from the three universities in Iowa; and in May a team from Crossroads Community Church in Mission Viego, CA. The youth group from Crossroads came for a day. They helped us take care of a few projects at Robert & Edwina’s house. That evening we hosted a Family Worship Night in Moonbase. The kids are engaging more and more through worship. The talks happening as we share a meal together are getting deeper and more real. God is truly moving through the Family Worship Nights!

The crew from CCF accomplished so much in their week here. They were able to reshingle two roofs (in three days!) and spend a day serving at the San Carlos Apache Youth Home. It was spring break for the San Carlos schools so we had lots of help at the worksites! The CCF crew spent their afternoons joining us in Moonbase. It was a great week of hard work, loving on kids, and lots of laughter. One of the activities they did was to help the kids write praises and prayers on a cutout of their hands. One young girl’s request broke our hearts. “Jesus, please protect my family and I.” The burdens these children carry is unreal. Jesus, please protect these precious children.

If you would like to receive a copy of our newsletter, email us at threeeighteen@hotmail.com and ask to be added to the Satter's newsletter list.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Thoughts from Kara...

Last month I traveled back to Missouri for a wedding of two young adults I had in Children’s Ministry many years ago. The young man was even the ring bearer in our wedding! While I was in St. Joe I stopped in to surprise a dear friend and Bible Study teacher I had while I worked at the church there. I knocked on her door and when she opened the door she was indeed surprised.

She said,”I didn’t think I would see you till we were dead!” Her way with words has always made me smile! As I walked into her room at the assisted living facility, I saw her table filled with her Bible, and many other books and commentaries. I knew she had been studying to teach a Bible Study class. She typically spends around six hours to prepare. This amazing 93 year old woman is still in the trenches studying God’s Word to share with others. Her heart for the Word and for people being discipled is incredible. The class that she was preparing to teach was on prayer. This saint is also a prayer warrior. She told me that recently she has started journaling her prayers and then going back to see how God has answered them. 

She was saddened by the fact that she would no longer be able to financially support us, which she has been faithful to do since we became missionaries. I reminded her that her prayers were most critical in the ministry we have been called to do. I also told her that a church had made a one time gift that covered her gifts and that God had already provided.

Talking with her was water to my soul. It reminded me that God can and will always use us if we are willing to be obedient regardless of how old or young we are. I am blessed to have been able to learn from her and call her friend.

Ministry Update

In June and July we were blessed with the opportunity to take a Sabbatical. After eleven and a half years on the mission field, our board agreed that it would be beneficial for us to slow down and rest a little.  During our Sabbatical we had the opportunity to go back to the Midwest and spend a week at church camp. It was so refreshing to spend time with our friends in ministry. Two weeks of camp blessed us with a $3,000 offering. After camp we were able to spend some time with family in Iowa and Nebraska.

Back in Arizona we were able to slow down and focus on our relationship with God and with our kids. Tory was able to go up into the mountains a couple of times to read, pray and journal. It was a much needed time of refreshing.

During the end of July we hosted one short-term ministry team from Community Church Big Bear in Big Bear Lake, California. First Baptist Church in Scottsdale blessed us with their VBS curriculum and supplies and the team from Big Bear helped us provide a VBS experience for the kids in Moonbase. The team also painted the home of an elderly gentleman who recently lost his wife of 35 years. We were able to serve him and spend time being Jesus with skin on for this hurting man.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ministry Update

In March and April, 3:18 Ministries hosted short-term ministry teams from Cornerstone Community Church in Nowata, OK; Foothills Community Christian School in Great Falls, MT; Parkcrest Christian Church in Long Beach, CA; and Knott Avenue Christian Church in Anaheim, CA.

These teams worked on various projects throughout San Carlos. Many hours were spent working on Daphne’s house. The floor was prepped with an underlayment and then tile was laid throughout the house. All the interior walls were painted to add color and to make the house a home. Daphne’s kids were able to pick an accent color for one wall in their bedrooms!

These teams also served at a church in San Carlos. We have a long standing relationship with the pastor of the church. Heading into Easter the church grounds needed to be cleaned before services. We were able to clean the grounds, clear an area on the hillside for their Easter sunrise service, and put up a new cross on the hillside. The cross can be seen for several miles!
We were also privileged to serve the Tribal Youth Home by purchasing and building a cedar playset for the children. The staff and director have expressed their gratitude over and over again. It is a beautiful addition for this wonderful facility. We are especially grateful for those who contributed to this special project.

The team from Knott Avenue Christian Church was able to assist some good friends of ours by cleaning their yard and building a memorial rose garden in honor of our friends’ grandmother who passed away recently.

For pictures of these teams and projects, check out 3:18 Ministries' Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/three18ministries