Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Note From A Short-Term Ministry Team Member

We received this message from a high school student who was here last week on a short-term ministry team.  One of our prayers as an organization is that God will raise up the next generation of missionaries from the students and adults who partner with us through short-term mission.

"3:18! You guys are awesome! After going on this mission trip my heart has broken for the people of San Carlos Apache. Recently I have felt called to grow up and do full time ministry work, but I wasn't sure what this meant exactly, I didn't know if this meant to be pastor or worship artist or what? But now my eyes have been opened. I now know that I am called to be a missionary. I want to live the rest of my life serving and ministering to the children of God in different cultures. Thanks for this life changing experience 3:18 Ministries!"

God is moving!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fatherless Generation

Most weeks I am overwhelmed by the brokenness surrounding us from this fatherless generation.  Here are some Facebook status updates from young men and young teenaged girl we are privileged to walk alongside.  I have slightly edited their statuses including spelling and censoring profanity.
“I finally seen my dad today and he seen my tattoo and he was like son when did you get your tattoo done.  I told him.  I’m proud to have my dad’s last name even though he never been there but I still have a lot of love for my dad...But hope he comes chill with me this evening and watch me play basketball.”
“Dear dad...I hate you.  Why?  Cause you don’t treat me like your son.  Maybe you should just go adopt one for yourself and leave me out of your life!  Out of all the people you would be the one treating me like this.  It’s like maybe you should of worn protection if you weren’t ready to raise me.  I’m very sorry though for being your son…</3” (heartbroken)
“Seen my father I'm glad I seen him. I missed him my whole childhood life.”
Last year I read Fatherless Generation by Dr. John Sowers.  As I read the book, reflected on a generation of young men God has called us to walk alongside, and dialoged with several young men; my heart was broken.  What drives a young man to tattoo his father’s last name across his forearm even though his father was never there?  Then he longs for his father’s attention and approval hoping for a few moments that didn’t happen (His dad never stopped by to see him play basketball).  How deeply hurt is a young man when he wishes his life never existed because of the way his father treats him?  How can you talk about a Heavenly Father when the only father image for so many kids is a man who shows up occasionally when it is convenient for him?  This fatherless generation is broken and crying out for the love of the Father.  How will the Church respond?  God use us.

Stay Up To Date With 3:18 Ministries

I apologize for not doing a better job at updating this blog!  Now that our crazy short-term ministry team filled summer is wrapping up, maybe we will be more consistent.  The best way to stay in touch with what is happening with 3:18 Ministries is our Facebook page.  There are updates and pictures.  Check it out!