Monday, February 14, 2011

So Much!

Day in and day out we look at the plight of the Apache people. Why are things so desperate on the Reservation? Why is unemployment so high? Why is there so much gang activity and violence? Why are children going hungry? What can we do?

I think the first thing we must do, OK the second thing, because the first thing is pray, and pray and pray some more. The second thing we must do is ask ourselves, why we are doing anything at all? Does what we do make any difference?

I mean, what is our ultimate goal? Are we trying to make sure everyone has a place to live? Are we trying to make sure that everyone eats? That everyone has a job? Because if that’s our goal, we are destined to fail. We will never build enough houses. We will never supply enough food or paint enough playgrounds. We will look at the task and just crumble, burn out, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

So what is the purpose? Our goal must be to declare the Glory of the LORD to all the nations. Our “job” is to share Jesus with every fiber of our being. Everything we do MUST be done to spread the Glory of the Lord. We can do that by building houses or feeding people. But that isn’t the goal.

Let me paraphrase P.T. Forsythe. We think the things we need to fix are greater than what Christ has already done. The greatest “need” on the reservation is less than Christ’s great victory.

Let’s work together so the Glory of the Lord will shine on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Robert Crews - Future 3:18 Ministries Team Member

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