Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Packets, Packing and Proms

Life goes by way too fast, have you ever noticed? Wasn’t it just yesterday that my baby girl was decked out in her pooh bear garb, running through the sprinklers in our backyard? Or was it yesterday she went to her Senior Prom? In between stuffing packets and preparing mailings, packing boxes and handiwork we are taking a deep breath. Our lives are chaotic and surprising and emotionally charged. We’re experiencing lots of firsts, both good and not so good. Here is a small update of where we are, where we are going and how we are getting there.
The next two weeks are filled, literally!  Our youngest, Shelby is graduating from High School! We have choir shows, awards nights, senior banquets, graduation, parties and Father’s day. So, if that is not exhausting enough, the following week Robert will be leading a group on a Mission Trip to Brisbane, Australia for 2 weeks.  During all of this we of course have our full time jobs, trying to get our house in working order, packing up a few boxes here and there, etc.

When Robert returns from his trip, we plan on hitting the ground running. This means we are in the stage of gathering supporters and finalizing a moving date. We have come up with a rough budget and what we will need to live on. We will be sending out packets with information on how to support us and what that looks like. We will be planning visits to churches, Bible studies, individuals, anyone who will have us. Let us know if you would like to get together. The time is near.

Our biggest request at this point is prayer. Would you take a moment and pray for us? Our family has been through some extraordinarily difficult things.  Though we know why, it has been a growing experience for us all. The closer we get, the more challenging it becomes. But we are not deterred, because we know where we are supposed to be. In God’s will, wherever He will have us. Please take a moment and pray for our friends on the field now, Tory and Kara Satter and their family. Also, please lift up the San Carlos Apache people who daily struggle to see hope and light in the darkness.

We are so grateful for your partnership in this journey! "I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers" Philemon 1:4

Robert and Liz

For more information about Robert & Liz Crews and their journey to join 3:18 Ministries full-time, check out: http://crewsfamily3-18.blogspot.com/

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffe, Coffee, Coffee

Take a minute and read the latest from Robert Crews.  Robert & Liz Crews will be moving to Globe this fall to join 3:18 Ministries full-time!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness

A couple of years ago my mom had a conversation with one of our relatives.  They were talking about the ministry to which God has called Kara and me.  They were talking about the San Carlos Apache Nation and the hopelessness which fills it.  My relative asked how we can keep going without being totally discouraged.

To be totally honest, there are days when the hopelessness we face overwhelms us.  There are days when we are heartbroken as we see another soul take five steps back after taking two steps forward.  When we see a two year old child barefoot, unattended, and playing on the sidewalk with a forty ounce glass beer bottle, it leaves us speechless.  When youth we have poured our lives into choose to try and self-medicate with alcohol and marijuana, we hurt deeply.  When another marriage dissolves, our heart breaks.  When another teenager's life ends way too soon, we cry from the depth of our souls.  There are days we shake our fists in the air and ask, “How long, O Lord?”

I found myself face down on my bed, pouring out my soul to God and pleading for the souls of my Apache brothers and sisters.  In total despair I asked God, “Can I make a difference?”  I was not looking for an answer, but no sooner had I finished my question I heard a still, small voice.  God spoke directly to my heart and said, “No, but I can.”

How arrogant and foolish of me to think this ministry was somehow about me.  I was reminded of the story of David.  I love what he said in his confrontation with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:47.  “For the battle is the Lord’s.”  If the battle was up to David, he would have lost.  Goliath was too big and too strong for a little shepherd boy, poorly equipped, fighting on his own.

This battle is too big and too strong for us to fight on our own.  However, with God’s help, we will keep going.  God has called us to be available, to be faithful, and to stand firm.  The work is His!