Monday, March 7, 2011

The Revolve Tour 2011

Melissa, my friend and 3:18 Ministries’ teammate, and I took two Apache girls to Women of Faith’s teen conference, The Revolve Tour. We went with the youth ministry from our church and community. The conference had amazing drama, speakers and music. The teen girls were challenged to Dream On! They were challenged to hold on to the dreams God gave them regardless of whether or not they seem impossible. They were encouraged to have healthy relationships with guys and to make sure the guys' actions matched the words they were being told. They were also challenged that they could have the relationships they dream of.

Our girls soaked up every minute. On our way home we had a great conversation about what they learned. I was most impressed by the answer to one question I asked the girls. I asked them, “What do you wish they would have talked about at Revolve?” They both answered, “They should have talked more about sex and what God says about it, because God talks about everything in the Bible.” The thing is both of our girls are teen moms. They are doing a great job with their little ones and working hard to finish school and provide good lives for their children. I began to wonder if they would have known at the time what God says if it would have made a difference in their lives. I pray that we can show them who Jesus is everyday and let them know what God says about issues in their lives so that they can make Godly choices that will help them to fulfill His dreams for them.

One of the girls, Natalie, has been going to church and has gotten a glimpse of how great God is. Through this process she wants to get her life right with Him. She has asked that people pray for her, her baby girl, her boyfriend and her whole family that they would know the love of Christ and give their lives to Him. She specifically gave me permission to mention her by name so people would pray for her!

It was amazing and humbling that I was allowed to be part of their spiritual journey and will get to continue to walk alongside of them!

His Child - Kara

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