Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Life Lesson

Last week I got a text from an Apache teenage girl who wanted me to pick her up and take her auntie’s house. She was frantic. She was afraid that her other auntie would call the police and have her put in jail because she was at her boyfriend’s house. I wasn’t sure what to do and if I should get involved in this family drama. While texting this teenage girl, her mom, whom she doesn’t live with, called me and asked me if I would help her daughter. She said they had been having problems with her and she needed someone to help her. I decided that I would help her and went and picked her up at her boyfriend’s house. When talking with this girl I asked why her auntie was so upset with her. She said that her auntie didn’t want her staying with her boyfriend because she didn’t want her to become pregnant like her cousin. I asked her if she thought her auntie wanted what was best for her. She said that she did, but it made her mad.

I thought to myself, “How many times do I get mad when I hear things from others about myself that I don’t like?” It wears on me. It makes me frustrated. Why? I think it is because deep down I know the truth of the matter. Instead of letting it affect me negatively I need to see it as positive no matter how the information was delivered. Knowing those things make me into a better person. They refine me into who God wants me to be.

As I encouraged her to take what her auntie was saying, I came away with insight to myself and what God wants me to become. I pray for my Apache friend that she will seek God’s best for her and hear that people are trying to help her. I pray I can take the criticism that I am given and use it to make me into the person, wife and mom that God wants me to be.

His Child - Kara

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