Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Life Cut Short...

Sunday I attended a funeral for a 17 year old that we have known since 2002. He had been hit by a car early on the morning of August 9th. He was a boy with a sweet, kind heart that often had a wall covering it to appear as a tough guy. He had many obstacles before him; sometimes home was tough, he was deaf and he was longing for a place to be accepted and loved.

I was full of emotion and memories as the Master of Ceremonies asked us to rise while they brought in the casket. Rolling in the double doors of Rice Gymnasium was a casket with about 15 young men dressed in blue t-shirts with blue bandanas in their pockets and covering their faces like bandits. They were all members of his family or his gang family. My heart was broken. I looked around at other young men who were showing where their loyalties lay. I knew their souls were hanging in the balance. This could have just as easily been any one of them in this casket, but it wasn’t …this time.

They began the service with a worship time. I prayed. I prayed each person there with a broken heart would let Jesus be their sustainer and comfort. Then the eulogy began. I heard the wails of a mother who was mourning the death of her teenage son. No mother can fathom losing a child that they love. Again, my heart was broken.

I remembered all of the times we had spent with this young man. His smile, wit and talents were gifts he would share with those around him. His hurt, pain and struggles he wore on his face. We had watched him grow and now I participated in mourning his passing. At the funeral they spoke of his relationship with Jesus. I pray he continued to walk with the Savior. I hope the seeds we planted and the love we gave helped him on his journey to walk with the Lord. I continue to pray for the young men who carried his casket, and his huge family, that they too would truly know Jesus personally.

His child,

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