Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Holding on for dear life

When I started my first full-time ministry I rented a basement from a single guy at the church. He had a Kawasaki Ninja he was always trying to get me to ride on with him. The thought of it scared me a little. One day I came home from my second week of church camp and was relaxing in my tv room. He walked in, said he was tired of excuses and we were going for a ride. He handed me a leather jacket and a helmet.

As we walked out into the driveway he started giving me instructions for riding on the back of the motorcycle. He told me not to try and counterbalance as he leaned into turns. He told me to just keep my head right behind his head so I would not throw off his balance and cause us to crash. My nerves were worse as I climbed onto the back of the bike. We took off through the neighborhood and I started to relax a little. We hit the highway and my prayer life became really active.

I am not sure how much of the initial part of the ride I actually saw because my eyes were closed. At some point we turned onto a cloverleaf exit. As we made the 270 degree turn I tried my best not to counterbalance. I know my eyes were closed and all I could picture in my mind were the motorcycle racers with their knees dragging on the pavement. We survived those tense moments, but I am pretty sure it took a year or two off my life.

On the way home I began to enjoy the ride. I could look to my left and my right and see where we were. I couldn’t look ahead because my roommate was blocking the view. However, when I looked behind us the scenery to my sides all made sense. That moment has stuck with me the last eighteen years. In this thing called life we cannot see what is ahead. We can look to the left and right and see where we are. And when we look back it all makes sense. I am so thankful God is faithful and steering this journey. I just have to hold on for the ride of my life!


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