Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ministry Thoughts from Tory

Nine years ago I had several people question why I was coaching two basketball teams of Apache boys and girls. I was asked on a couple of occasions if coaching was “really ministry.” It was long hours. I had to drive  thirty minutes from my house to San Carlos to help pick up our players. Then it was a forty five minute drive to Miami for the games. After the games it was back to San Carlos to drop all the players off. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until after midnight. But in those precious minutes of travel time, we had amazing conversations. In those great times of coaching, talking and laughing (a lot of laughing!), friendships were born.

Three and a half years ago we had three young men start working construction with us. It is a long God-filled story, but one of those young men, Shane, was on the boys’ basketball team. Over the past three years Shane has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. He has witnessed the birth of this second daughter. He has battled addiction. He has been at death’s doorstep and had a close family member commit suicide. Through it all Robert and I were privileged to walk alongside Shane and his family.

Last month Shane asked Robert to talk. Shane admitted he needed help to overcome his addictions. He was finally ready to surrender his life to Christ. At the lowest point of Shane’s life, God was there waiting for him. Robert baptized Shane at Talkalai Lake on November 12th. It was a wonderful day as Shane’s older daughter and the other guys who work   construction with us witnessed him surrendering to God. Shane told us last week he has not touched alcohol since and has no desire to drink.

We are committed to walking alongside our Apache brothers and sisters and leading them to Christ! I am thankful I serve a God who can place His servants at the right place at the right time to accomplish His plan.

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