Thursday, December 16, 2010


Several years ago a girl named Jasmyn came over to us while we were parked in the Basha's parking lot. She asked us to put up a sign for her puppy that had been stolen from her house. Her puppy was now lost and they were offering a reward for the small dog. She was very upset about her puppy that was taken right off of his tether in front of their house.

It caused me to think of how Satan is stealing children left and right from the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Sometimes he just snatches them away with force and children are robbed of their childhood by bad choices the adults in their lives make. Many times this causes them to be angry and bitter. Others are lured away like a puppy with a toy or snack. They are offered things like alcohol or drugs with the promise of a good time. It breaks my heart more than Jasmyn losing her puppy to see the souls of children who Satan is holding tight in his grip.

Although this is a grim picture, there is HOPE!! God loves them so much that He gave His one and only son Jesus as a ransom for all these precious souls!! There is an amazing reward waiting for the children as they surrender their lives to a God that loves them more than they can ever imagine!!

Please pray as we continue to share with them about their rescuer, Jesus, that they would see the sacrifice He made and accept the reward!!

His Child,

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