Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

I wanted to take a few minutes to make my list of Thanksgiving. This blog is usually about what is happening in 3:18 Ministries, but I wanted to hijack this space to share with you what I am thankful for! Here is the Top Ten list in alphabetical order…

The Board of 3:18 Ministries – We are just getting started, but already I am confident that God has put together a strong team to help guide this ministry. We need accountability and have a team around us who have the permission to hold us accountable. We trust them. I am so thankful for our board.

God – The author of life. Our sustainer. Our provider. Our salvation. Our hope. I am so thankful for all He is, all He has done and all He is preparing to do.

God’s Call – I know me and I’m sure I could find someone better, more qualified than myself. I don’t understand God’s call, but I am so thankful that He would call me to such an important ministry.

My Family – I can’t imagine what it is like for a couple to go to their families and say, “We are becoming missionaries and moving.” Our parents have been more than supportive over these past 7 years. They have never made us feel guilty and in fact have gone out of their way to be our biggest cheerleaders and supporters. We are so blessed by our parents.

My Kids – Our family isn’t quite the traditional family (just look at our family picture on the Tory & Kara Satter page!) and not even close to what I imagined my family would look like, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I am humbled that God would choose me to be a father to these kids. They bring me joy beyond words!

My Wife – No words can completely express my gratitude for my wife. She left her ministry ten years ago to become my wife. God, in His goodness, gave us a ministry where both of our gifts can be used. I am so blessed to walk alongside my incredible wife for this journey.

Our Journey – These past seven years have not been the easiest road, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. I am thankful for the journey we have been on that has brought us to today. However, I am more thankful for the journey ahead, for what God is going to accomplish as we begin to see that tomorrow can be different.

Our Support Team – One of the toughest parts of stepping into the mission field was not knowing where our next paycheck was coming from. The fear of the unknown has deepened our faith in God, our provider. We could not have been on the mission field for these past 7 years without our support team. Thank you for your sacrificial giving which has allowed us to do what God has called us to do.  I am also humbled that we have over three hundred people receiving our Prayer Warrior Updates and battling with us through prayer.  Thank you!

Our Supporting Churches – We are so thankful for the churches who have supported us from day one as well as our most recent supporting church who began supporting us last month. We are also thankful for the churches who send Short-Term Ministry Teams to partner with us on the front lines. It has been some great partnerships and we are grateful.

The Team of 3:18 Ministries (both present and future) – I am looking at this team God is forming and there is no one else I would rather do life and ministry with than this team. God is building and bringing the right people at the right time. I am excited for the present and future of this team God has called! I know eternity is going to be different because of this team God is forming.


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