Friday, October 1, 2010

10 Sentences that Define Native American Youth

Several times over the past few years we have watched a video series on working with Native American youth. The videos were from a leadership training hosted by On Eagles’ Wings Ministries, a Native American ministry. During the first session they talked about 10 sentences that define Native American youth. Here are those sentences:
1. There is no future.
2. I think I can’t.
3. There are no boundaries.
4. I messed up - it is over.
5. Whatever it takes to stop the pain.
6. I feel powerless.
7. Anything to belong.
8. It is all about me.
9. It is hard to trust.
10. It is never going to change.
I don’t know about you, but as I heard those sentences the first time and as I continue to think about them, it is depressing. I find myself overcome with hopelessness and despair if I spend too much time dwelling on them. And yet, these are the realities of the students we work with everyday. This is not just some random list, this is their lives. I can think of specific kids for each sentence and many kids that encompass many of the sentences.

In the midst of wrestling with this list I continue to be drawn to one simple fact: Jesus is the only one who can redefine the students we are so privileged to walk alongside. Please pray for us to be able to effectively point these students to The One!


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  1. Amen Tory- I have 4 teens, and it seems like they slip into or out of one or two of these at times (and it hard for us when we see that happen to them). But when you have more than one of these permanently etched into their minds, as it is for your students, it can be so depressing. You guys and the kids are constantly in our prayers. Thanks for all you do!